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Wellstone Winery is located near rural Freeport, OH and is nestled in the corner of the quaint Waterstone Farm. The farm, and subsequently winery, is named for the significantly sized sand stones scattered throughout the area. The large sand stones are remnants of glacial till that were placed in the area thousands of years ago. The stones are commonplace on the farm and throughout the foothills of the Appalachian Plateau. 

Wellstone Winery’s mission is to create and share quality wines that are popular in the region in a tasteful yet laid back atmosphere. The charming tasting room, inviting fire patio, and the covered, stone adorned terrace are all designed to promote warm, friendly experiences for all.

We look forward to sharing time and making memories with you very soon!

Our Wines

Full Moon Blush is born of the Pink Catawba varietal. Because of its soft, reddish hue the wine’s name is inspired by the multiple lunar eclipses that occurred during Wellstone Winery’s construction. The semi-sweet wine pleasantly fills your senses with its soft smell and vibrant taste from start to finish.

bottle of full moon blush

Full Moon Blush

Horizon is born of the Niagara varietal and is Wellstone Winery’s sweetheart wine.  At first introduction the semi-sweet wine carries a fresh grape aroma and taste, while at the finish the wine offers a soft and clean balance with hints of apple.



Wellstone White is born of the Vidal Blanc varietal and is Wellstone Winery’s flagship wine. The semi-dry wine meets your senses of smell and taste with big fruit sensations then concludes with a crisp, clean finish.

bottle of wellstone white

Wellstone White

Sunset Stag is born of the Concord varietal and is a favorite in our region of the country.  Experiencing the wine inspires the notion of eating grapes right from the vine. The wine’s name originates from the many white tail deer that enjoy sunset dinners from Wellstone’s lonesome apple tree.

Sunset Stag

Sunset Stag


Wellstone Winery’s Pinot Noir is created to satisfy the dry, red wine palate in many of our patrons. The fruit is imported from California, and the wine is intended to provide balance to the tasting spectrum in the Wellstone Winery collection.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

our tasting areas


Events / Schedule

The winery will be opening for the season on June 1st from 4 PM to 10 PM.

Email us at wellstonewinery@gmail.com or call us at (330) 432-3029.


Upcoming Events:

We are closed for private events on July 6th and July 13th.

Wheels and Wine Car Show and Mr. Breeze will be July 20th.

Wieners and Wine Music Festival will be August 10th.

Season Closer with Dark Side of the Moon will be September 21st.



We look forward to seeing everyone soon! 


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28945 Riley Rd
Freeport, OH 43973


Telephone: (330) 432-3029

Contact Us

Trevor Mallernee

Telephone: (330) 432-3029

E-mail: wellstonewinery@gmail.com


Kimberly Mallernee

Telephone: (330) 432-3029

E-mail: wellstonewinery@gmail.com

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